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Lessons Learned from the Haufe Dev Microservices Architecture Day

Updates in wicked 0.11.0

Enabling alternative deployment orchestrations

Microservices day wrap up

Using HALBuilder with german characters

How to make sure that umlauts are properly displayed

wicked.haufe.io 0.10.0 released

Release Notes and Hints

Open Tabs No 6

On Makers, Microservices, and Balanced Teams.

Open Tabs No 5

On Innovation, Emerging Technology and a Hitchhikers Guide to APIs.

Introducing wicked.haufe.io

Why we wrote our own Open Source API Management Stack based on Mashape Kong and node.js.

The state of our API Strategy

From a response to a sales call by an API Management vendor.

Software Architecture Day Timisoara on May 18th, 2016

Architecture Strategies for Modern Web Applications

API Management Components

What's inside that API Management box?

Generating Swagger from your API

How to quickly generate the swagger documentation from your existing API.

Securing Backend Services behind Azure API Management

Different approaches to securing API implementations

Providing Secure File Storage through Azure API Management

Shared Access Signatures with Azure Storage

APIdays Paris - From Philosophy to Technology and back again

A biased report from APIdays Global in Paris

The beginnings of our API Journey

Intro to our API Style Guide