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SCS - Self-Contained Systems

Thoughts about Self-Contained Systems architecture pattern

Open Tabs No 6

On Makers, Microservices, and Balanced Teams.

Open Tabs No 5

On Innovation, Emerging Technology and a Hitchhikers Guide to APIs.

Open Tabs No 4

On Microservice Benefits, API Design and Offline-first Mobile Apps.

Introducing wicked.haufe.io

Why we wrote our own Open Source API Management Stack based on Mashape Kong and node.js.

Open Tabs No 3

This week in Open Tabs.

Open Tabs No 2

This week in Open Tabs.

Open Tabs No 1

This week in Open Tabs.

The state of our API Strategy

From a response to a sales call by an API Management vendor.

Build an Eloqua Action Service and make it Open-Source

A node.js Primer for us Old School Developers

Things in node.js that caught me on the wrong foot when I saw them the first time

IRC and the Age of Chatops

How developer culture, devops and ux are influenced by the renaisance of IRC

We are live or How to start a developer blog

The 'Hello World' Post